About Our Shop

"THE TREND Boutique"

We pride ourselves on staying woke. One of the key factors in our branding that separate us from the other guys is our ability to stay current and with the times. Today's society alongside our more modern generation shapes fashion continuously. We like to assume that you would want to ride the wave as well. \m/

Unparalleled Style

 Our brand is composed of surf/skate style streetwear, reclaimed vintage garments, and custom collaborations. BIRTHDAY SUIT started out as a simple idea to craft small, nifty pouches/pre-made kits for personal items and accessories. Since 2014 we have expanded on the idea as far as personalizations and home decor. 


we are more than just clothes

'Birthday' is more than just a brand, we are an ambassador for the young, unspoken and unseen. It is not only important to us to have a platform but to use it to spread good energy and positive vibes only! With that being said, please be aware the we do support up & coming artists! I guess you could call it #FREECLOUT. So for free promos or to be featured in any BIRTHDAY SUIT, LLC. Production feel free to contact us by phone or email