Two Hearts Smoke Kit

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🍑 ALL Smoke Kit designs are one of a kind!

🍑 You can customize what goes in AND on your kit before it arrives to you!

🍑 Add your name or a personalized message!

🍑 New designs and add-ons weekly! (grinders, papers, containers, etc.)


This Smoke Kit includes:

  • 1 Box
  • 1 grinder 
  • 1 container for your tree
  • 1 cigar splitter
  • 1 pack of Classic Kingsize Slim RAW rolling papers 
  • 1 BIC lighter
  • 2 single Backwoods (same as photographed. only one is shown so we do not overcrowd the photo)
  • PLEASE NOTE, if you do not want Backwood singles, put your cigar/blunt preference in the 'NOTES' section of your order. if you do not specify, you will be sent what is in the photograph)


If you would like your name on your box, please include your Phone Number and whatever you want personalized in the 'NOTES' section when placing your order.